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Easter, Jesus and the death of conventional wisdom

I asked Dr. Guillen for his permission to reprint his article, and he graciously agreed. I was struck by Dr. Guillen’s comparison of the wave/particle duality of light with the God-man Jesus Christ. How we address this presumptive paradox can either send someone who is trying to find the truth in the direction of Jesus,…

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Fossil captures ancient insects having sex

”Catching” a natural act in the fossil world is fairly rare. And that is only a minor reason this find is so interesting. From a creationist standpoint, this is great evidence that millions of years is a hoax. From an evolutionist standpoint, this poses several problems for their philosophy. As always, assumptions in the article…

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Sponges likely paved the way for all life on earth

The idea that complex life came from simpler life has been well documented and studied over the past 150 years. In 1859, Charles Darwin published his tome On the Origin of Species. He posited that life evolved from simple to complex. This is the fundamental concept of evolutionary thinking. But is it possible for a…

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Most powerful star explosion ever seen

The world of astronomy places many creationists in an uncomfortable position. The universe is only 6000 years old but the light from distant stars can be 14 billion years old by the time it reaches us. How can we reconcile this seemingly impossible difference? When astronomers paint the picture of the universe, they start with…

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Dino do-overs: Fixes to paleontology

Well, here we have a compilation of several errors that paleontologists have made based on their guesses and, if I may be so bold, their adherence to the assumptions of millions of years and evolution. Naturally, as we take a closer look at things, we are bound to advance our knowledge in some way. However,…

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