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We have an awesome opportunity to reach out to your neighbors.  The Lord has orchestrated events that have changed all of our lives.  He has kept us at home, halted all overseas missions trips, cancelled large group activities and given us time to invest in our families and neighbors.  Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus with those folks.   We are looking for families to open up their back yards and host a Backyard VBS.  Here’s a few details —

What you do:
  • Open your yard
  • Choose your dates and time – it’s up to you: we have curriculum for 1-5 days
  • Invite family, friends, neighbors, etc. – the age range is up to you – we recommend less than 20 total
What we provide:
  • The lessons, songs, games, crafts
  • Volunteers to run any part of the program if desired
This is a great opportunity to reach your neighborhood  adults and kids!  The kids will enjoy some great Bible lessons, learn memory verses and have fun with songs, games and crafts.  You can invite the parents to stay and hang out too.  But we cant do this without hosts!!  Email the church office if you are interested and willing to be a host.  We’ll be ready to go for any Backyard VBS from July 6th – Aug 28th.


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