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We have been praying about re-opening Nursery and Sunday School classes since we suspended them last March. As of this moment, we are planning to reopen on August 30. As we all know very well, these plans are subject to change. We are excited to see your children face-to-face and to teach them at their learning level.  As we reopen some things will stay the same but many things will be different.

Things staying the same -

  • We will be faithfully teaching from the Bible!
  • Many of the regular teachers and aides that your children remember will be returning
  • We will be using the same Sunday School classrooms
  • We will be cleaning classrooms after each use and sanitizing toys and surfaces

Things that will be a bit different - 

  • Nursery and Sunday School will only be offered at the 10:00am service (possibly adding the 8:00am service at a later date)
  • For security measures, we will be using the security bracelets used on Super Sundays instead of the laminated card system
  • Check-in and pick-up will be at the rear outside entrances to the building to reduce congestion on the stairs and in the hallway
  • Grade levels will be combined so that if you have children of similar ages they can stay together in classes - Tots / Preschool / Early Elementary / Upper Elementary.
  • Limited class sizes - most classes are limited to approximately 15 children in each room.
  • Classrooms have been reconfigured to allow more space between the children.  This helps to provide a healthy distance as best as possible.
  • Masks - the teachers and aides will not be wearing masks. Whatever decision you make concerning your child is up to you and your comfort level.  Children are not required to wear masks.
  • Registration - Each week, children will need to be registered for the Nursery and Sunday School classes due to the limited class size.  We ask that you register your child by Friday at 12noon so we can plan accordingly. If you are not able to make it, please notify the office so that space can be made available for another family.

As for other Children’s Ministry, we will be phasing in Kids in Christ in mid-September and AWANA possibly in October.  This is all dependent upon having volunteers willing to serve. If you would like to get involved and serve in any area of Children’s Ministry (Sundays, Wednesdays, or Thursday mornings during the Women’s Bible Study), please contact the church office either via email or call 610-524-5338.

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