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Pottstown Bible Church
Foods Collections Needed

PLEASE NOTE: many of the people that Pottstown Bible Church ministers to have very poor dental care or are homeless, so we prefer soft foods that are easy on their teeth and gums and don’t require a stove to cook on. Also, since many are homeless, they prefer pop-open cans since the people don’t have can openers.  Thank You!

Food Items needed:

Breakfast bars

Cereal bars


Creamy Peanut Butter Only Please


Pudding Cups


Fig Newtons

Pop-open cans of tuna

Tuna in a pouch

Chicken in a pouch

Pop-open Cans of Dinty Moore Beef stews

Pop-open cans of Chicken noodle soups, vegetable etc….


Also, some non-food items that are helpful include for the homeless include:


Crème Rinse

Body Wash

Gently used make up

Feminine Pads

Disposable razors

Shaving crème

If you would prefer for Pottstown Bible Church to do the shopping, gift cards will work well at places such as Walmart, Costco or Giant.





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