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The Cubbies class is for non-school aged children who are at least 3 years old by September
(the beginning of the current club year).


Hi Cubbies Parents,

The following information will help answer some frequently asked questions that pertain to the Cubbies club.

Parents – you are the most important spiritual influence in your children’s lives. You are the ones responsible for their spiritual training. As Awana leaders, we are privileged to come along side and help train your children in the way they should go. Please review this information and the information in your children’s handbooks. We are counting on your help as you invest your time in the spiritual development of your children when you work through their handbooks with them.

Awana Calendar and Assigned Bear Hugs Please pick up an Awana Calendar as it shows which Bear Hug we will review and recite each week. For example, on the third week  we will teach a lesson based on Bear Hug 1 and the Cubbie will recite Bear Hug 1 to his/her handbook leader. Parents NEED TO SIGN OFF on the sections EACH WEEK, as this is the signal to the Cubbies Leaders that your child is ready to recite that verse.  Additionally, many sections offer two options for the verse, a long and a short version. Please indicate which version your child will recite. To pass a Bear Hug, a Cubbie should recite the verse with no more than 2 helps, 1 help on the short verses. Four year old Cubbies must recite the longer verse and the reference in order to pass a Bear Hug. If your Cubbie gets behind in Bear Hugs, always work on the current Bear Hug and make up past Bear Hugs as quickly as possible. It is always a good idea to add a post-it-note informing the handbook leader of what your Cubbie is prepared to recite each week, especially if there are “make up” verses to recite. We will be first working in the Apple Acres Entrance Booklet and then we will begin this year’s Cubbies Handbook. We annually alternate between the Apple Seed and the Honey Comb Handbooks.
Additionally, OPTIONAL work is included for each Bear Hug – Review verses and Under the Apple Tree Parent-Child activities. This REQUIRES a parent signature as well.

Cubbie Awards The handbook indicates (below the parent signature line) your Cubbie should receive an award. Multiple preceding Bear Hugs must be completed to receive that award. Awards will be handed out to the Cubbies either attached to an AWARD’S SLIP or in the pocket of the Cubbies vest.
Award placement can be found in the front of the Cubbies Handbook. As you look on the vest, there will be outlines in the shape of an A and a C. Patches earned during the AppleSeed handbook will go on the A, HoneyComb handbook will go on the C.

A tip for attaching patches: iron them on first, and then tack them down with a few stitches. A sewing machine works well too. Additionally, our Awana Secretary could order you a sheet of Badge Magic.

Additionally, there may be theme nights throughout the club year. These will be listed on the club calendar and additional information will be given as the nights draw nearer. Participation is optional.

Each night your Cubbie will be sent home with a Fridge Memory Verse Reminder. This is a good reminder to post on your refrigerator as it lists the Bear Hug to complete for the following week along with the optional Review Verse.

Parents are a vital part of the success of the Cubbies Program. Please be sure to spend time each day reviewing the Bear Hug verses with your Cubbie and working on the handbook activities. Please be sure to PUT TO USE the Cubbies CD in the back of the handbook; it reviews the Bear Hug stories and the weekly Bible verses. Did you know that the Awana store sells optional CD’s with the memory verses put to song? See the Awana secretary to order one.

Cubbies should wear their BLUE CUBBIE VESTS to club each week. Please dress your Cubbie in gym time appropriate clothing: sneakers and shorts or pants. We will be on the floor a good bit as well as playing in the Multi-Purpose Room.

You may be wondering what goes on at Cubbies? Each night we will have coloring pages, a craft activity, free play time, structured game time, and a lesson time with song time. We do not provide snacks due to concern for allergic reactions. Our Cubbies may be offered water as needed.  If we will be offering a special treat, this will be noted in advance so that you may provide a suitable substitute treat if your child has a food allergy.

One of the events during the night will be to recite the pledge to the American Flag as well as the Awana Pledge. Below is the pledge. You might want to review this with your Cubbie.
I pledge allegiance to the Awana flag,
which stands for the Awana clubs,
whose goal is to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ
and train them to serve Him.

DROP OFF / PICK UP / SECURITY CARDS: Cubbies will be picked up in their Drop Off rooms. We will be using the same security card/check in system as Sunday School. Upon arrival to your Drop-Off room, you will receive a coded pick up card. It will be color coded by room. The number in the top right corner will include the room number and card number. You must bring back this card in order to pick up your child. If you intend to have someone other than the Drop-Off parent pick up the child, please ensure this person has the security card at pick up time. Please note the number on the card, as this will be displayed on the sanctuary screen if we need to call a parent back to club. Note, this number will change from week to week. You will not be assigned a specific number. If there is a need to contact a parent during club, and you are not in the sanctuary, we will use the phone numbers provided on the registration form. If you will not be at church, please provide a cell phone number for emergency contact reasons.

We hope that this letter has answered some of your questions. Be sure to read the front and back of the Cubbie handbook as it contains helpful information too. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for giving us the privilege of nurturing your Cubbies in the love and knowledge of Jesus.

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