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T&T (Truth and Training)

The T&T (Truth and Training) class is for students
who are in 3rd through 6th grades.


T&T Parent Information

Welcome to T&T, also known as Truth and Training. The mission statement of Awana includes training children to KNOW, LOVE, and SERVE the Lord Jesus Christ. T&T builds on that as the curriculum teaches third to sixth graders the TRUTH of who God is and TRAINS them to share this truth as they follow Him.

T&T is divided into boys and girls groups: T&T Girls and T&T Boys. Additionally, the T&T’ers are grouped by grade level. The Ultimate Adventure T&T’ers are our 3rd and 4th graders. The Ultimate Challenge T&T’ers are our 5th and 6th graders.

What do T&T parents need to buy? We don’t collect due or any other fees. We just ask parents to buy the uniform and handbook, and the church provides all the rest. Purchases are made at the Awana Office.

How do we use the handbooks? The handbooks contain Bible study lessons and memory verses to be prepared during the week. Some of the most influential people in a child’s life when it comes to developing a daily devotion to God and His Word are parents. Therefore, even though your children are good readers, it will be important for you to remind them to work in their Awana handbook, to help them understand the verses, to help them develop strategies for scripture memory, and to quiz them on their recitation. It will also be an opportunity for you to model good spiritual practices and memorize scripture along with them.

Please note that it will take a little time to complete each T&T sections. It is not something that can be quickly reviewed on the way to Awana. Plan to look over the section early and schedule out your time. Sections may ask for T&T'ers to draw a quick picture, ask parents questions, read scripture and answer a few brief questions, memorize a verse, and sometimes review a verse.

Each year, All Clubbers will complete the Start Zone Booklet before beginning the handbook.  This is a brief mini booklet that takes 2 weeks to study, complete, and recite. After that, a clubber will proceed to the appropriate handbook.

Each year, all T&T'ers will use the same handbook and move through it as one group.  Please refer to the Awana calendar for the pacing guide. For clubbers who wish to do more memory work, check out the Silver and Gold sections within the handbook. Clubbers may work ahead in the handbook, but remember that the assigned section will be the topic of Small Group discussion and Large Group teachIng time.

The exceptions to completing the "assigned weekly verse".

  • Clubbers who miss a week, should make up missed verses while trying to stay current according the club calendar.
  • Clubbers who would like to complete last year's book, may work on prior T&T handbooks while trying to stay current according to the club calendar.

T&T uses four different handbooks on a four year cycle.

  • 2023-24: Discovery of Grace
  • 2024-25: Grace in Action
  • 2025-26: Evidence of Grace
  • 2022-23: Agents of Grace

Uniforms Leaders in T&T wear green T&T polo shirts. Clubbers are asked to wear their club shirts each week. This helps develop club unity, easily identifies then as a T&T’er, and is the place to display award patches. The award patches are fun and exciting and a great way to represent all the hard work that has gone into memorizing God’s word. The patches may be attached to any WHITE section of the uniform. Our T&T'ers wear a GREEN uniform, however clubbers may choose to wear their BLUR uniform, and purchase a BLUE uniform (while supplies last).

The Club Night is divided into 3 primary parts: Game Time, Handbook Time, and Lesson Time. Awana begins at 7:00 pm. Clubbers should arrive between 6:45 and 7:00.

Fast Track Time – Once a T&T'er arrives at Awana, he or she will immediately meet with their small group leader and recite the verse assigned for the night. It is important for clubbers to prepare their verses at home so that they can head to Game Time on time.


Game Time – Game Time begins at 7:05, once the clubber has recited the nightly verse. This is a fun time for clubbers to participate in unique Awana games played on the “Awana Game Circle.” These will vary from fun games, to team games, to running events, to more competitive games. There will be something for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to come dressed to play: shorts or pants, and sneakers are a must!

Small Group Time – Groups are divided by grade and gender. They consist of 1-2 Awana leaders and 5-7 clubbers. This is a special time to develop a disciplining relationship with an adult Awana leader. Clubbers will talk about their verses, review the material they studied for the week, share prayer requests, and encourage one another.

Large Group Time – This is our Bible Lesson Time. During this time a leader or guest speaker will share a Bible lesson focused on that night's handbook section/verse. Clubbers will get to know the leaders through these talks and learn some wonderful and practical ways to apply scripture to their lives.

DROP OFF / PICK UP / SECURITY CARDS: T&T'ers will be dropped off and picked up in the first floor Fellowship Hall. We will be using the same security card/check in system as Sunday School. Upon arrival to the Drop-Off room, you will receive a coded pick up card, that includes the room number/name. The number in the top right corner will include the room number and card number. You must bring back this card in order to pick up your child. If you intend to have someone other than the Drop-Off parent pick up the child, please ensure this person has the security card at pick up time. Please note the number on the card, as this will be displayed on the sanctuary screen if we need to call a parent back to club. Note, this number will change from week to week. You will not be assigned a specific number. If there is a need to contact a parent during club, and you are not in the sanctuary, we will use the phone numbers provided on the registration form. If you will not be at church, please provide a cell phone number for emergency contact reasons.

Parents – you can help by . . . . .

  1. Making sure your children visit the restroom before club
  2. Stopping by the water fountain for a drink
  3. Dressing your children in appropriate gym clothes, sneakers and shorts or pants
  4. Enjoying time studying verses together
  5. Remembering to bring a Bible and Awana handbook
  6. Leaving toys and electronics in the car

Thank you for the opportunity to know you and your family and the chance to help mentor these young souls for the glory of Jesus Christ.

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