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Bible Studies

September 2021 - May 2022 Bible Studies

For a description of the various Women's Bible Studies that will be offered in Fall 2021, please see below.
The Winter & Spring 2022 Studies will be announced towards the end of the year.

If you would like to join a study, please contact the Church Office at (610)524-5338.

"Till I come, give attention to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine." 1 Timothy 4:13

September 2021 - May 2022 Bible Studies

Bible Bus - One Year Through the Bible

The Bible Bus is a daily Bible reading plan for women based on the Tyndale One Year Bible for Women. Meeting monthly on the first Saturday of the month from 10am-noon, there is a light brunch followed by worship music, prayer, teaching and fellowship. There are several reading plans, one being to read through the Bible in a year with 15-minute readings each day. There are also Two-Year and Three-Year Plans to read through the Bible. Lastly Words of Praise and Wisdom in One Year which is reading the Psalms and Proverbs selections. Please join us for a wonderful journey to the heart of God!

Time: 10:00AM – 12:00PM
When: 1st Saturday of each month
Leader:   Susan Vandenberg


Delighting in the Lord (James, Psalms, 1,2,3 John)

A Proven, Active, Faithful Walk: Study on James – Fall 2021
Simply R.E.A.D – Study through the Psalms – January 2022
Know Him: Light, Love & Truth: Study on 123 John – Winter/Spring 2022

Delighting in the Lord will study the book of James in our fall semester. James will look at our faith in God and how our lives demonstrate a proven, active, and faithful walk with Him. Using vivid illustrations, James will challenge how we speak, go through trials, handle conflict, and esteem the things of this world.

In January, we will take 4 weeks and dive into the first 8 Psalms through an inductive study and small group discussion.

From February through April, DITL will study 1,2,3 John. Nearing the end of his life, John writes as the last living apostle encouraging believers of their faith in Jesus. Just as John was an eyewitness to Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection, we too, can know Him personally. He wants believers to be assured of their salvation living in true fellowship with God and one another. The Delighting in the Lord studies are verse-by-verse studies written by Stacy Davis and Brenda Harris under the theological oversight of Pastor Chris Swansen. Each study week goes through specific verses with inductive, deductive and personal application questions. Weekly study questions take about 1-2 hours to complete.

Format for AM study:
Small group discussion on the weekly homework will take place in person from 9:3010:30AM followed by worship and live teaching in sanctuary. Teaching will be both live-streamed and video recorded for those who cannot attend in person. Discussion groups meet with two facilitators in classrooms. Small groups have about 1015 women in each group. Biblical discussion, prayer, and fellowship are a part of the small groups.

Format for PM study:
We will offer an in-person discussion group from 7:008:30 PM. The live teaching, from the morning DITL session, can be viewed online independently during the week.

Time:           Thursdays, 9:30–11:30 AM & 7:00–8:30PM
Dates:          September 9–November 18 & January 13–April 28
Cost:           $15 for the year (includes workbooks for all 3 studies)
Book collection and payment will happen in person at the Church Office.


Healing Hearts Ministry

Gospel-centered, grace-driven personal ministry for those who are wounded.
Jesus warned that we would have struggles in this life. Sometimes we are the agent of our own struggles,
sometimes we suffer because of the decisions of others. Whatever the case, Healing Hearts Bible Studies
provide a clear Biblical path to find healing from life's hurts. Our leaders have come to the ministry
through the healing of our own hurts; so you can walk with someone who understands, has walked the hard road,
and has been trained to come alongside and personally minister to you.  For more information, visit the Healing Hearts page.

Fall 2021 Group info: (groups limited to 3 ladies)
Groups will be limited to 3 and use safe distancing due to Covid. We will also have a PM virtual group (day and time TBD). One-on-one and online studies also available.

The Hem of His Garment Bible Study (12 weeks):
This study is for those who long to find true healing from past wounds. Abuse, rape, catastrophic loss, relational issues…all these leave us with wounds that affect our everyday lives. They can leave us crippled emotionally. Weekly homework reveals God’s truth of how to walk in victory in the present, despite our past.

Time: Morning class Mon or Wed (TBD)
When: Starting September 2021
Contact: Cindy Bradlee
Cost:  $25.00 - group facilitator will collect payment

Winter 2022 Group info: (groups limited to 4 ladies)

Binding Up the Broken Hearted Bible Study (12 weeks):
This study is an in-depth journey of healing from the pain of abortion. Tired of feeling hurt, guilt, shame,
depression, anger, self -hatred, and the fear that others will find out? It's time to find hope, healing,
and freedom in the Word of God! Weekly homework reveals God’s plan for healing and forgiveness. All our leaders
have walked this road personally: chosen abortion and found healing in Christ. We understand!

Winter 2022 – Evening group

                          Day & Time:  TBD        
                         When: Starting February 2022
                         Contact: Cindy Bradlee for more info or to sign up
                         Cost: $25.00


Moms In Christ

Our theme for the year is "Homemaking for God's Glory."  We will seek to equip and encourage women to
create a Christ-centered home that fosters love, security and biblical order.  We will discuss and
study scripture helping mothers lead their family to success in honoring, obeying and following Jesus.
Topics will include our attitude, work ethic, peace in the home, awareness and engagement,
meal planning, order and organization, child training and godly stewardship.

All moms are welcome and there is no attendance requirement.
While we do not offer childcare, nursing and young babies are welcome.

Time: Mondays from 7:00PM–9:00PM
When:  October 4, October 25, November 29, January 24, February 28, March 28, April 25 and May 16
Table Moms: Titus 2 women from the CCCS body of Christ
Coordinator: Ashley Gorodetzer


Precept Classes:

Sunday and Tuesday PM 

Ephesians - Learn who and what you are in Christ and you’ll want to walk in God’s ways the rest
of your life! Before Paul even hints at how believers should live, he lays a rock-solid foundation:
who we are in Christ. If you think you’re just a cog in a machine, if you don’t know your true
identity, then this study is for you.

(2 options - same class)
Dates: September 7November 16, 2021
Times: Sundays 46PM OR Tuesdays 79PM
Format: class discussion + video teaching
Preparation: 1 hour of homework, 5 days a week
Orientation: August 31, 2021 at 7PM on ZOOM (open to ALL NEW and returning students)
Location: Sundays on Zoom; Tuesdays at Calvary Chapel Chester Springs
WORKBOOK: Order directly from Precept Ministries: $22.50 at (800) 763-8280 or EPHESIANS-PRECEPT WORKBOOK (NASB) – Precept
***Please have Lesson 1 completed and ready to discuss for the first class!***
Teacher: Nora McEvoy
Preview for 2022: James (Jan. 9), 1 Timothy (Apr. 3), 2 Timothy (May 22), Titus (Aug. 7)

Monday AM - Zoom class

1 Peter - How to Stand Firm When Tested Are you prepared for suffering? Will trials and
persecutions reveal your faith and bring glory to God? Listen to what Peter says to
believers enduring tribulations.

Dates: September 13November 1
Times: Monday mornings, 9:30AM11:30AM
Location: Zoom
Teacher: Ruth Chantigian
Preview for 2022: 2 Peter

Tuesday AM - classes will be hybrid with both online and in person options

Ruth - Don’t Despair, There's Hope. You Have a Kinsman Redeemer! (September 7–September 28)
If you were a slave, who would buy your freedom? If you had an enemy, who would come to your defense? In the Old Testament, this buyer-defender known as a "kinsman - redeemer" was usually a close relative. If you're a believer, you already have one - Jesus Christ! A great short study to introduce friends to a taste of inductive Bible study. 3 Lessons. Cost: $6.75

1 Samuel - God's Search for a Man After His Own Heart (October 5–November 30)
From judges to kings, from the departure of God's glory to the assurance of His help, from inquiring of the Lord to inquiring of a medium - this book of contrasts sets before us the importance of a life of obedience and how it's lived out in the midst of interpersonal conflicts. 8 Lessons. Cost:$18.00

Teacher:  Jennifer Bove
Location:  CCCS Classroom 105
Time:  10:00AM–12:00PM
Format: 1 hour discussion of homework followed by 1 hour teaching DVD. Homework                           requirement approximately 5 hours per week.
Cost:  Varies per study.  Group facilitator provide registrant information on ordering.

Preview for 2022: 2 Samuel, Kings and Prophets (Course 1 & 2)


Tuesday AM, PM, Wednesday AM 

Romans Part 1 - Freed From Sin's Penalty 
Join us as we journey through this timely study of the doctrines of the Christian faith- sin, justification, redemption and salvation. In this semester we will cover chapters 14 and gain a greater understanding of the deadliness of sin and the design of God's grace. What joy to know the enormity of salvation once freed from the guilt of sin!

(3 options - same class)

Dates: September 14November 30
Time: Tuesday mornings, 9:30AM11AM
Location: Zoom

Dates: September 14November 30
Time: Tuesday evenings, 7PM8:30PM
Location: Calvary Chapel Chester Springs

Dates: September 15December 1
Time:  Wednesday mornings, 9:30AM11AM
Location: Calvary Chapel Chester Springs

Teacher: Cinda Dagar, Precept Leader
Preparation: 1 hour of homework, 5 days each week
Workbook: Order directly from Precept Ministries: $31.50 ROMANS PART 1-PRECEPT WORKBOOK(NASB)

Thursday AM - classes will be hybrid with both online and in person options

John Part 1 - The Word Became Flesh (September 16November 18) How well do you know the Son of God? Are you convinced that what He said about Himself is true?
From beginning to end, John reveals Jesus as the Son of God. Chapters 16, 10 Lessons. Cost $22.50.

John Part 2 - The Light of the World (January 6February 24) Learn to walk in Jesus as the Light of the World and your relationship with Him will be more intimate.
Chapters 7-11, 8 Lessons. Cost:$18.00

John Part 3 - The True Vine (March 3May 26) One with Him Jesus draws His disciples aside to prepare them for what is to come. In chapters 1221, learn about His death, burial, and resurrection, and their significance to your salvation chapters 1221, 13 Lessons. Cost: $29.25

Teacher:  Jennifer Bove
Location:  Pottstown Homegroup
Time:  9:00AM–11:00PM
Format: 1 hour discussion of homework followed by 1 hour teaching DVD. Homework               requirement approximately 5 hours per week.
Cost:  Varies per study.  Group facilitator provide registrant information on ordering.

September 2021 - May 2022 Bible Studies

If you would like to join a study, please contact the Church Office at (610)524-5338.

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