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Delighting in the Lord

Fall 2018 - Joseph: Delighting in a Life of Triumph

Delighting in the Lord Bible Study

Delighting in A Life of Triumph: The Life of Joseph

What does it look like to live a life of triumph….and is it even possible? Broken relationships, despairing situations, and unrealized dreams — sometimes life gets complicated and confusing as people and circumstances let us down. All the while, the enemy of our souls is right there whispering lies of defeat; telling us we’ve been abandoned by God and our situation is hopeless. How our hearts long for the triumphant life; a life that triumphs over circumstances, emotions, and relationships. Is it even possible?

The life of Joseph shows us that it is! Esteemed and highly favored by Jacob, his father, Joseph is envied and betrayed by his brothers who devise a plan to get rid of him. With God-given dreams of prosperity and position in his heart, Joseph travels through deep valleys of slavery, imprisonment, and accusations at the hands of others. Yet, Joseph’s life speaks of a life full of triumph where circumstances don’t define him but, rather, God’s love does. Joseph’s faith takes him to mountaintops where God sovereignly uses his life to save the very ones who sought evil against him, and to preserve the entire Jewish nation for the future birth of Jesus, the Messiah.

Join us in this nine-week verse-by-verse study through Genesis 37-50 as we dig into the details of Joseph’s life. Come with us as we go from Canaan to Egypt and then back to the Promise Land.

During the Winter/Spring semester we will be studying the first 15 chapters in Proverbs: Delighting in Godly Wisdom.

The Delighting in the Lord Bible Study Series allows participants to work through each chapter of study by answering inductive, deductive and personal application questions. Study questions take about an hour to complete. There is a live teaching each week taught by Stacy Davis, Marie Gay, Brenda Harris or Hedy Negron. If you are unable to make a week of study the teaching can be found at the CCCS website under women’s ministry.

Format: Small group discussion from 9:30-10:30AM followed by worship and live teaching in sanctuary. Discussion groups meet with a facilitator in classrooms. Small groups have about 10-15 women in each group.

Time:             9:30 - 11:30 AM (childcare available)
When:           September 13 - November 15 & January 10 - May 9


Kids in Christ Children’s Ministry
Age appropriate Biblical instruction, worship and craft time for infants through Kindergarten offered during the Thursday Delighting in the Lord Bible study. This is a free ministry that serves the Delighting in the Lord moms. Separate registration (Click Here) is necessary through Kids in Christ for both parent and child. Coordinator:  Ginger Katzenmoyer.

Youth and Teens in Christ – Education Enrichment Ministry

Christian Education Enrichment classes are being offered this year as part of the Delighting in the Lord ministry. Classes offered for those in 1st through 12th grade. Youth in Christ will have two groups (grades 1-3 and 4-6), and Teens in Christ is for 7-12th grades. Youth curriculum will cover a Bible lesson, missionary of the week and related enrichment activities. Teen curriculum will cover an inductive Bible study and public speaking instruction. Workbook purchase is necessary for the teens. Full description of classes is available on the info counter. Delighting in the Lord registration is required for the moms and a separate registration required for each child enrolled. (Click Here)

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