Delighting in the Lord

Fall 2015/Spring 2016 - "Simply Believe"

Delighting in the Lord Bible Study

“Simply Believe” A Study on the Gospel of John
John, a disciple and servant of Jesus Christ, writes the Gospel of John from firsthand experience as he details the life and death of Jesus Christ. He writes to the Jews and the Gentiles presenting Jesus as the Son of God. But he doesn’t write just the details of Jesus’ ministry, he goes to the reasons why giving meaning and explanation. John writes his Gospel late in life after experiencing an intimate walk with Jesus, his own persecution, witnessing the rise of the church, hearing the heretics try to deceive believers and then receiving end time revelations from God in Patmos. His message is simple – simply believe. It is the heart of the message for it is the answer to all our heart cries for today and eternity. John writes in 20:31 “So that you may believe that Jesus is he Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you may have life in His name.”
John learned the secret to living an abundant life. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and with great care and attention he shares that secret with us in this Gospel. John, a book with great intricacy and depth and simplicity and application. It stirs the heart of the new believers and the old. Seven times in John’s account, Jesus will declare who He is and prove He is the God-Man through power, signs and teachings. And through it all, John gives each of us an invitation. An invitation to believe, become and bear fruit for God.
***A new format for the Delighting in the Lord study is being introduced this year. It is called “Simply R.E.A.D.” and  follows the R.E.A.D format – Receive God’s Word, Experience God’s Word, Act on God’s Word and Delight in God’s Word. A simple inductive style study that allows the student to go as deep as they desire into God’s truths by looking at the events, people, dialogue and words used and applying them in context as well as looking for personal application. Format makes Bible study both easy and effective. Homework covers one chapter a week and can be done in one sitting or broken into smaller sections each day. Teachers Stacy Davis, Brenda Harris and Hedy Negron.


Thursday AM Delighting in the Lord:
Format: Worship and live teaching in sanctuary, followed by one hour of small group discussion and prayer time lead by a facilitator in select classrooms.
Time:             9:30 - 11:30 AM (childcare available)
When:            September 17 - November 19 and January 28 - May 7
Cost:              $15 for the year
Facilitators:   Stacy Davis
Brenda Harris
Hedy Negron


Thursday PM Delighting in the Lord:
Format: Worship and DVD teaching recorded from the AM session followed by one hour of small group discussion and prayer time lead by a facilitator in room 105.
Time:              7:00 - 9:15 PM (no childcare, but the same time as youth group)
When:             September 17- November 19 and January 28 - May 7
Cost:                $15 for the year


Kids in Christ Children’s Ministry
Age appropriate Biblical instruction, worship and craft time for infants through Kindergarten offered during AM Delighting in the Lord Bible study. This is a free ministry that servesthe Delighting in the Lord moms. Separate registration is necessary through Kids in Christ for both parent and child.
Coordinator:  Ginger Katzenmoyer