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Entrée of Encouragement

A Lunchtime Bible Study for Women

Transformed Worldwide Ministries

Transformed Worldwide Ministries is a worldwide teaching ministry and outreach to “women and the ones they love”—whether in the home, church or community.  We are here to inspire, equip and build up women who pour into the lives of others. All encouragers need encouragement themselves, and TWM is a resource for such women.  This is done by expounding, exhorting, and empowering through the Word of God so others may know Christ and be transformed into His likeness. These are hard times and being in a support role is becoming more and more of a challenge.  If you, or someone you know in another state or country, needs support and encouragement, please contact Paula Harris at or visit

1 Corinthians

First Corinthians addresses reports that Paul received from Chloe’s household, as well as a letter he received from the church itself. Paul covers several different issues related to both life and doctrine, along with a profound teaching on the resurrection. Corinth was a large, international metropolis, filled with people from different backgrounds and religions. Paul directs believers to live out their commitment to Christ ever more faithfully in the midst of such challenges in and out of the church walls. He expects Christians will shine their lights into the dark places of the world. Spiritual gifts and other practical topics will be discussed. No cost for study and no homework. Women of all ages welcome to attend.


Time:              Wednesdays, 12:00-1:00PM, Room 105

Date:               September 12 – May 2019

Teacher:         Paula Harris

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