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Trail Life


>>Registration for the young men now closed until fall.<<

To join or for more information email:


To guide generations of courageous young men to honor God, lead with integrity, serve others and experience outdoor adventures.

We are accepting donations of outdoor adventure items, please reach out to

Core Values:

  1. Faith: We believe in the importance of spiritual growth, fostering a deeper understanding of faith and values as a guiding compass in life.
  2. Character: Integrity, respect, and responsibility are the cornerstones of our troop. We aim to instill these qualities in our members to become honorable and reliable individuals.
  3. Leadership: We encourage and nurture leadership skills, empowering boys to lead with courage, compassion, and wisdom in all aspects of their lives.
  4. Adventure: Our troop is all about embracing the great outdoors! Through exciting outdoor activities and challenges, we foster teamwork, resilience, and a love for nature.

Troop Programs:

Woodlands Trail: ages 5-10

Foxes: 5 and 6 year olds who are at least 5 years old by October 31st

Hawks: 7 and 8 year olds who are at least 7 years old by October 31st

Mountain lions: 9 and 10 year olds who are at least 9 be October 31st

Navigators: ages 11-13 who is at least 11 years old by October 31st

Adventurers: ages 14-17 years old who is at least 14 by October 31st


Bi-weekly Meetings (more details below):  The Troop will meet twice per month at Calvary Chapel Chester Springs on Monday nights from 6:30 – 8:00PM.  The meetings will consist of an opening ceremony, games, skills development, and preparation for upcoming adventures.

Monthly Hit-the-Trail activity:  About once per month Trailmen can participate in a variety of outdoor activities that may include a day hike, canoeing, fishing, attending an airshow, serving the community, or visiting a historic site.  As Trailmen progress through the levels, they will have the opportunity to participate in more adventurous activities such as spelunking (caving) or sailing.

Quarterly Over-night Adventures:  Three or four times per year the Trailmen will have the opportunity to embark on a multi-day adventure mostly focused on camping, hiking, and backpacking.  These adventures will be designed to be fun and engaging and will allow the kids to demonstrate and use the skills they have been learning.

All activities are under the supervision of two-deep adult leadership.  They are designed to be age-appropriate and emphasize the theme for the month.  Our troop follows the safety guidelines and requirements established by Trail Life USA. This includes having medical forms complete. The Trail Guide for your patrol will help you fill out whatever is required.

Community Engagement:

We believe in giving back to our community and making a positive impact. Our troop actively engages in service projects and outreach initiatives, teaching boys the value of serving others and making a difference in the world around them.


We love having visitors and registration is not required before visiting.  We meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday evenings.   The troop forms at 6:30 so it is best to arrive 10 min early to allow time for check in.

Foxes (k-1st grade) are required to have at least one parent/guardian in attendance at all meetings and events.  A typical opening ceremony includes troop formation, presentation of flags, reciting pledge of allegiance, announcements. After the opening ceremony we will break into groups.

If you’re looking for a supportive and empowering environment for your son to grow and develop into a strong, compassionate, and capable young man, the CCCS Trail Life Troop is the perfect place for him! Join our troop today and embark on an exciting journey of discovery, adventure, and meaningful connections.

We look forward to welcoming you and your son into our CCCS Trail Life Troop family!

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How does the registration process work?

Registration is handled through Trail Life’s online portal called Trail Life Connect.  visit the link at the top of the page. You will begin by registering an adult from your household. Then you can register your son and pay the registration fee. Trail Life Connect will be the primary source of communication for the Troop, including calendars, advancement, notifications, and other resources.

How much will it cost?

There is an annual registration fee with Trail Life USA of $35, some books costs and uniform shirts start at $18.  Some of the “hit the trail” events and overnight adventures will also have fees associated with those outings. we chose not to have troop dues but instead ask that each family prayerfully consider giving to the ministry.  Each trailman will eventually want to have basic camping gear such as a sleeping bag, flashlight, and backpack. Please contact the troop leadership if these costs are prohibitive.

Can women volunteer and/or participate in meetings and events?

Moms or other female guardians may be on the premises for the Foxes (5 and 6) during the meetings, however all direct contact volunteers will be male. All participants, volunteers, parents, and guardians for events and over-night activities will all be male. If your family dynamic makes this difficult, please contact the Troop leadership. We will work with you to find a solution.

Can I donate to the Troop?

Yes. Calvary Chapel Chester Springs accepts targeted giving for specific ministries. Simply submit your donation and indicate it is for Trail Life.

My son is active in sports, If I cannot commit him to come every time does that mean I shouldn’t bother signing my son up at all?

We would love to have your son come as few or as many times as he can.  Although in order to get most of the program you would want to attend as much as possible, but we understand the pressures of raising a family. We want to build up the family not become a point of stress for the family unit.

How long will an average troop meeting last?

The meetings will last around 90 minutes.

How much will it cost?

We understand the cost to raise a child and we work diligently to lower costs where we can.  There is an annual registration fee with Trail Life USA of around $35. There is also a uniform cost, but the cost of the uniform is a one-time fee (until they outgrow the uniform) some of the “hit the trail” events and overnight adventures will also have fees associated with those outings.

Are parents who have older Trailmen required or welcome to stay?

Trail life USA requires a parent/guardian stay with foxes (k-1st grade) if your son is in any other age level we encourage the father/male guardian to participate with us, however we understand that this will not be the case in many situations.  We want to come along side you as you raise your son and will be more than happy to take him “under our wings” through the program meetings.

Will this be a year long commitment?

The program runs the school year with “hit the trail” activities in the summer

Does my son need any supplies?

Yes, there will be events requiring your son to bring items from home; tents, fishing poles, etc. However, we don’t want the cost to discourage you from becoming a member of the troop reach at the church office as sponsorships do exist to help with the costs.

Is there a dress requirement?

Yes, the program will have uniforms that are to be worn during various meetings/activities.

My son has food allergies, should I send snacks with him?

Yes, during the registration process there is a place on the form to list any allergies your son may have.  You will also want to make sure your troop leaders know about any allergies. We will do what we can to provide for such needs however we may not always be able meet the needs of every situation.

My child has seasonal allergies, I’m worried he may not be able to be outside very long.

We will hold most of our activities outdoors we hope you will try the program out to see if your son is able to overcome the allergies enough to enjoy himself.

Does my son need outdoor experience?

Absolutely not, we have formed this troop to provide a safe place to experience nature.  We understand some children will not have much outdoor experience.

My son is very active and has a hard time sitting still for very long what does a typical meeting look like?

Our gatherings are made for boys, and we want to let boys be boys.   They learn best when being active.  There is a quick opening ceremony then each patrol will go to their various learning areas where they will participate in active learning.

My son has special needs is the troop able to accommodate him?

Please reach out to the church office so we can find out more about your son’s needs. We will try to accommodate every boy; we don’t want any of Gods children to feel forgotten or left behind.

I do not have a son that would be in the program, could I still help?

If you have a heart to serve the Lord and have a desire to come along future men and help disciple, we would love to have your help.  Please fill out the registration form.   You will need to be cleared to serve by the church and go through online child abuse training.

Will all the leaders have child abuse clearance and training?

Yes, all leaders will be “cleared to serve” and will have completed background checks and have completed child abuse training.

My son doesn’t love the outdoors, do you think he will enjoy the troop activities?

We would love to have your son give us a chance. If you are not ready to commit and become a member yet we would gladly welcome your son as a guest.

Are the “hit the trail” events safe?

We work very diligently to keep your son safe. All outdoor adventure has some level of danger and learning danger in life is part of the program training. We certainly do not want any injuries to be more severe than that would be treatable by simple first aid measures. Before each activity there is a hazard assessment checklist completed to ensure everyone’s safety.

My son is a trailman in a different troop, can he switch to your troop?

Absolutely, call the church office and they will assist with the move.

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